Newsbytes: Sega Arcade History Site; Strike Harbringer; Savage Quest 2.1

arcadehero April 30, 2016 0

Today is fairly sparse for the newsbytes as not a whole lot is happening it seems. That’s ok, we’ll share what little news there is anyways!

New Sega Arcade History Site – Fortunately this site that Sega launched makes up for little news – if you want to take an interactive journey along Sega’s arcade history then check out this new website called Sega Interactive Arcade History. Using a space theme, you can either ‘fly’ through their history, clicking on the icons to access more info about the games or just list the icons instead. It is not 100% complete on offering info on every game and it is in Japanese but using your mouse it is fun to explore.

Strike Harbringer -an upcoming Space Harrier Influenced Indie Arcade Game – Speaking of Sega, the Segabits/Galloping Ghost Arcade is finishing up their Sega Week event today and as a part of that, Segabits tweeted out these ‘first look’ videos of a new indie developed arcade title that is at GGA and is obviously influenced by the arcade classic Space Harrier. I’ve reached out to GGA for more info but until then, no idea how far along this one is. Looks like it fills in that niche however…

Savage Quest 2.1 In Action – I received a link to a video that’s a little different in its presentation, one that shows a later version of the obscure arcade game Savage Quest. It’s one of the few games that lets you run around as a carnivorous dinosaur, eating everything that moves. It was surprisingly violent too, showing blood damage everywhere you would bite.  I have the PC for this but no cabinet and never had any luck finding the I/O hardware for it, so it just collects dust. Not many videos have been posted on the game overall, this one by Dragon Gamer shows that a later version of the game with major changes was made available. It also would be the best footage I’ve seen of SQ before. Released in 1999, I have to say that the lighting maps on this were rather impressive for the time.

Since that is all there is to share apparently, let’s get on with the Flyer of the Week. I’ll skip Name That Game until next week but you guys got the guesses right from last time!

Flyer of the Week – Pepper II: Not much to say about this somewhat obscure game, other than to share the flyer for its ‘cheese’. The game itself was basically Amidar with a devil/angel theme to it (fill in boxes by walking around them). This flyer has me wondering, “where is she now?”


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