NEON FM Andamiro Version Now Available Worldwide; More pictures for Dance Central 3

arcadehero May 11, 2016 0

Here are a couple of items related to music arcade gaming today so let’s get to the facts!

NEON FM Andamiro Version Now Available Worldwide


In June of last year, a new model for Unit-E Technologies’ NEON FM rhythm game was unveiled. Working with Andamiro, the company showed it to the public at the GTI 2016 trade show in China. The Andamiro version was tested in places like Korea and has already been sold in Eastern territories but today they have announced that this model of the game is available anywhere in the world. Andamiro has the game listed on their webpage. The US version of the game that they have been selling for a while now is still available for the moment. I reached out to Unit-E for more information and will update accordingly. Here is the announcement tweet:

UPDATE: Unit-E responded with more details which you can confer on below. Thanks to them for the response:

-“The Andamiro model doesn’t support ticket redemption or wireless internet connection (although the software is the exact same, so an operator could just plug in a USB wireless ethernet adapter and ask us to enable wireless internet in the service menu). Their cabinet does have some special features: animations on the buttons themselves (the button lights spin during gameplay), a hardware coin counter, coin door button for operators to give free credits, and coin mechs can be disabled by the software if a “max credits” option is set. We at Unit-e are trying to get all of the songs available for all arcade locations and for mobile.”

-Both the US and Andamiro models are being offered through general distribution

-While the picture above shows black and white cabinets, Unit-E has only seen white models come out of Andamiro so far. We will have to ask Andamiro if they intend on producing it in black

-Same goes for the MSRP, that is under Andamiro’s jurisdiction for this model.

More Dance Central 3 Pictures From The Location Test


Well-known rhythm gaming site Bemanistyle has obtained high quality pictures of the current Raw Thrills/Harmonix Dance Central 3 Arcade test in Chicago.  We initially reported about this test in this post. Bemanistyle states that the game uses a Kinect sensor and is running version 0.20 of the software. Raw Thrills has declined to comment to them or to myself on this one for the time being. As a non-opinion notation, all location tests are subject to change, regardless to how complete the game may look at this time.


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