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A new original arcade title: Get Outta My Face!

Shaggy August 16, 2008 0

While finding indie developers making arcade titles is a rare occurrence, I’m happy to see that the numbers are growing. We’ve covered Galloping Ghost Productions and their making of Dark Presence; there also was

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1st arcade in US gets SFIV, more to follow

Shaggy August 14, 2008 0

The Super Arcade (pictured to the right, we’ve discussed it before) in California has claimed to be the first arcade in the US to get their hands on Street Fighter IV and with that

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Power Putt Golf Preview

Shaggy August 13, 2008 0

We discussed the newest game by Incredible Technologies just the other day and already there is a video preview of the title up at Youtube. What is slightly unusual about this is the fact

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Hey Vulcan Wars, where have you been all this time? UPDATED

Shaggy August 10, 2008 1

Way back in September we reported on a new light-gun shooter by Atlus Japan called Vulcan Wars. It was shown at JAMMA 07 and even then there was very little info available on the

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New Raw Thrills' game, NickToons Nitro Now Available

Shaggy August 6, 2008 0

Raw Thrills’, Betson & Chicago Gaming have just announced the release of their latest racing game, NickToons Nitro, which is a game we mentioned some time ago when I got my hands on an

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At least a few arcades will have SFIV in the US, how many more are out there?

Shaggy August 4, 2008 0

It seems that despite the fact that Capcom USA has completely dropped the ball on the arcade version Street Fighter IV so far it’s not deterring some operators from getting their hands on the

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Power Putt Golf, a new IP by Incredible Technologies

Shaggy August 4, 2008 2

I hate it when I overlook a game announcement but it happens from time to time when you’re human. 🙂 But while the game we’re going to talk about here was first announced in

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Maximum Tune 3 gets a sequel – MT3 DX

Shaggy August 4, 2008 7

We just received confirmation that Namco will be showing off a sequel to Midnight Maximum Tune 3 called (wait for it….) Midnight Maximum Tune 3 DX. All we know about it at the moment

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Video Review: Oriental Legend 2

Shaggy July 30, 2008 4

Sorry about the lack of video reviews lately, I have been busy working on the PCs at my arcade along with trying to fix a number of problems the arcades have been having (my

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Silver Strike Bowling Jeep Sweepstakes video

Shaggy July 29, 2008 0

A while back I remember that we posted about a contest involving the arcade title Silver strike Bowling 2009 where they were giving away a jeep as the grand prize but I missed out

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Missing in Action – Adventure/RPGs

Missing in Action – Adventure/RPGs

Shaggy April 25, 2008 4

Missing In Action is an editorial series that looks at different genres of games that have been a part of the arcade scene in the past but in recent times have fallen by the wayside

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Tekken 6 location test in Japan

Shaggy November 7, 2007 0

  Want to try out Tekken 6 early? Well you can if you live in Japan. It appears that the game will be tested out at a place called “Game Chiba City Stores Akira” 

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