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Fans say goodbye to Arcade Infinity, Chinatown Fair

arcadehero March 2, 2011 3

I’m not sure if this will be the last post we’ll be running about Arcade Infinity and Chinatown Fair, but it seems likely. Both locations are closed now, although there is still a little

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AOU 2011 Day 2: More videos!

arcadehero February 19, 2011 2

Here’s more follow-up on the AOU 2011 expo and today we have more to watch in terms of videos!click below for videos of Let’s Go Island 3D, Chaos Code, Taito’s booth, NESiCAXLIVE, Aquapazza, Tekken

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If Time Crisis were a movie

Shaggy August 31, 2010 0

Newsfeed 915 via I had thought that this was published sometime ago but the video poster has the date as Aug. 11th 2010 so perhaps it’s not as belated as I had though. If

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If you build it, they will come and play

Shaggy August 14, 2010 11

When Aaron Auzins sent me this video from the opening of the Galloping Ghost Arcade (they are promising to send more media as well which I have added to our previous GGA post to

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Videos from the Akai Katana (aka Red Sword) location test

Shaggy July 25, 2010 0

(Thanks to ECM for the tip) Interested in seeing CAVE’s new shooter Akai Katana? Then here are some of the first videos of the game in action, as seen recently on location test. I’m

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CRUSIER from InJoy Motion Corp. resurrects the "Lucky & Wild" concept, adds motion

Shaggy June 22, 2010 0

Back in 1993 Namco had a game which combined two popular arcade genres into one game – a racer and a light-gun shooter with Lucky & Wild. With the huge focus we have on

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Fliperama Brasil! (my look into a little part of the arcade scene in Brazil)

Fliperama Brasil! (my look into a little part of the arcade scene in Brazil)

Shaggy June 9, 2010 4

I was in Brazil recently and while there I didn’t waste the opportunity to check out some arcades while I was visiting. The best places to look are malls, although you might find some

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Weekend videos: Atari' Hercules Pinball and Taito's Ice Cold Beer

Shaggy April 25, 2010 1

What do you do when there’s not much news to discuss? Find some videos showcasing the stranger or cooler products found in arcade days past. here are two videos from TNT Amusements, who has

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First full look at the indie arcade game Friction

Shaggy January 14, 2010 24

It has been a while since we first teased about a new arcade light-gun shooter coming to arcades from an independent game studio known as Friction Game Studios and today, we can reveal quite

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Videos from JAMMA including Shining Force Cross,KOF Sky Stage, Giant Tetris, taito's table flipping game and more

Shaggy September 26, 2009 11

Who wants just still photos of an event when you can have videos? Sega’s Shining Force Cross. This is less like Gauntlet than I imagined it might be but it’s still cool. I really

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Videos from GTI Expo 2009

Shaggy May 14, 2009 0

Another arcade trade show has come and gone and with it there are plenty of videos to give us a glimpse of what happened. Quite a few interesting games were at the show, some

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Videos from the Midwest Gaming Classic 2009 event

Shaggy April 14, 2009 0

[Thanks to John Norman for sending us the info] For those of us that couldn’t make it to Midwest Gaming Classic, we can always drool over videos taken by those who could. I am

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