Videos: Crazy Speed 2 (UNIS); Vulcan EX (Yoony); Making Star Trek Pinball + More EAG

arcadehero January 23, 2014 1

Here are a couple of quick arcade videos to fill in your Thursday. Just added a couple of pinball related videos as well.

First is a new driving game that was first seen at IAAPA 2013, this video being the first time I have seen it in action. Crazy Speed 2 by UNIS isn’t lacking competition out there with the many racing games on the market, so what does it bring to the table that is different? It appears to lean more towards the realism side but with enough arcade driving physics to keep a race flowing quickly; while this isn’t direct feed it seems that graphically it is quite good; there is a card save system; it can handle 4 linked units; there are various options to pick prior to a race including the weather; and it has a six-gear shifter which actually is pretty uncommon. The game is available for arcades and other out-of-home entertainment venues to pick up now.

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(This next one was a tip from The Stinger Report)

Remember this?

Vulcan-M brochure

If not, this was a unique mounted light-gun game that used a realistic style chaingun in a turret-style game called Vulcan M. The chaingun was downright crazy – it was motorized with spinning metal tubes, smoke effects, empty cartridge discharge and automatic reload, force feedack, the whole nine yards. It might have been a little too over-the-top with the smoke but it was awesome (the game itself though was underwhelming). The company that made it was a south Korean firm called Rassen who apparently went out of business or turned into a different company, that I’m not 100% sure on. Around the time they ended, there was a South Korean company called Yoony Electronics that came along and has either picked up the rights to the game, bought Rassen or is what Rassen turned into. We are late on this but they have had a new version of Vulcan M for sale for about two years now. Vulcan EX looks to have toned the hardware down considerably from what you see above (which also sold somewhere between $25k-$50k I believe). Judging by their Youtube channel, Yoony has a number of other products for sale but whether they have any good distribution channels outside of Korea is unknown to me at this time.


I just caught these right after posting the above so I may as well add them to this post. Both are about 8 minutes long.

Here Stern goes over the making of Star Trek Pinball, Steve Ritchie gets into his love of Star Trek and putting the game together.

Pinball News Has their footage from EAG2014:

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