Sega developing Super Hang-On 2?

Shaggy July 4, 2007 0


With the recent flurry of motorcycle games hitting the arcade market it is not surprising to learn a rumor that Sega is working on a sequel to their original hit Super Hang-On. This will be powered by the Lindbergh platform with no word on a possible release date. Logically the cabinet will use a motorcycle control base, much like Raw Thrills’ recent SuperBikes and Namco’s upcoming MotoGP. It is interesting to see sources outside of Japan possibly influencing arcade game development for a change, but we’ll see how this turns out. With Lindbergh running the game it most likely will boast the best graphics of the three motorcycle games (I’ll admit it, I wasn’t that impressed with Super Bike’s graphics – it played great at least despite looking like an average PS2 game!).

Keep in mind that this is a rumor and The Stinger Report is looking into the validity of the leak.

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