Sega's Nintendog-Like Card Game Ride Thing

Twisted Supreme August 20, 2007 0

[via Kotaku]

Why try and discribe this game when Kotaku do a perfectly good & funny job of it themselves! Also Head over there for more pictures.


SEGA’s Isshyo ni Wan-Wan (“Together With Doggy”) is a geared-for-children arcade game features a touch screen that lets players “pet” virtual dogs Nintendogs-style. What’s more, the game dispenses cards of different dogs (there are 25 breeds) that can be swipe-scanned in like SEGA’s own Mushi King. To top it off, the game is housed in a little car that rumbles and shakes once feed a coin. It’s even covered with little dogs — like you hit them or something! In short: You put in a coin, you get a card. You swipe the card, and a virtual dog appears on the screen, which you pet. The little car you are sitting in shakes and vibrates. The end. Exciting if you are four years old! Isshyo ni Wan-Wan is a SEGA marketing person’s idea of what Japanese children everywhere desire rolled into one odd machine.

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