The Stinger Report takes a look at Action Detective and EA buying Konami?

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[The Stinger Report]

In addition to Sega’s titles that The Stinger Report got their hands on they also haveactiondetective2.jpg reported on a few titles that in the the works by other Japanese arcade developers. One of these games is Konami’s Action Detective, which we reported about in this post. The game is using similar technology that was seen in games such as Police Trainer 911 and Konami’s line-up of MoCap titles. According to the Stinger:

…these games have been combined into a gritty crime action game, with cops rampaging through a city, taking on hardened criminals with their fist or guns. The MoCap two-player game uses a big display and high-speed action. The popularity of the motion tracking element of the Nintendo Wii has clearly seen KDE AM R&D dust off the MoCap technology, and prove that they can still do it best.

It’s no doubt that the Wii is having a rippling effect throughout all aspects of the gaming world and while we shouldn’t forget that motion capture in games was pioneered in the arcade industry first, it’s good to see some new innovation coming back to the arcades. There is still no word on the possibility of this game showing up in international markets, but seeing how many other MoCap games Konami made did show up outside of Japan, I believe we can look forward to this game without much worry.

The Stinger Report also mentions a few Japan-only games such as Otomedius and Baseball Heroes 3, but doesn’t reveal anything new about either game. They do reveal however the possibility of some new acquisitions that might raise some eyebrows in the Asian market. From The Stinger:

While Stinger sources chased round Tokyo test facilities looking at the latest KDE titles, information was leaked of possible executive discussions regarding a new round of acquisitions in the Asian scene. Sources revealed rumors that US consumer publisher Electronic Arts had sent envoys to Japan to look over Konami as a possible target. Microsoft, Tommy and Square had all been linked over the year in evaluating KDE for merger, though these latest movements regarding the US giant have proven more compelling than others.

EA looking at Konami? That could be an interesting shake-up and not just for console gaming. Seeing how EA owns GlobalVR, it could be a way for GVR to get a better foot-hold into the Asian market.

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