London Preview 08 – Stinger looks at Arcades in 08 – Part I – Sega

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[Thanks to The Stinger Report]

The London 08 Preview is over and with it information on what we can expect to see in arcades next year. Many thanks to Kevin Williams and The Stinger Report for this information. Click on the images to enlarge.

Sega – Demonstrated several games, including a 60% complete version of Sega RaceTV. Two RaceTV cabinets were available and they were quite popular. The game features a Boost feature and a driving style similar to F-Zero. The complete version will be shown at ATEI and include more tracks and a password feature.

08prev4.JPG 08prev7.JPG

An early version of Primeval Hunt was also demonstrated, although it appears to be a larger screen version than what we have seen, which indicates more than one version for operators to purchase.08prev8.JPG

Virtua Fighter 5 was at the show although Sega doesn’t expect it to sell well (probably because of the console versions already being available). Still it looks great and if they gave it a decent price, it could probably do better than they expect.


New versions of Initial D4, with a larger screen and an operational IC Card reader was quite popular at the show as well.


AfterBurner Simulator was on the floor, it’s the full motion version that looks great and offers quite a unique experience.


Shoot This -Win This! is a new Skill With Prize game that looks really fun and could be the next huge thing in this genre after Stacker. Looks like stocking it with Nintendo DSes is a good idea as well. This is still in prototype form.


Let’s Go Jungle Special Attraction was available to play, it is setup similarly to House of The Dead 4 Special, with guns that are nearly the same.

08prev2.JPG 08prev3.JPG

Here’s a shot of some Sega tokens that were at the show. Stay tuned for more from the show!


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