Samurai Spirits Location Testing

Shaggy October 19, 2007 0

[Via Arcade Renaissance]

This is quite the week for fighters. First the news about Street Fighter 4 and now word about Samurai Spirits going on location test in Japan. There is no word on if this will make it overseas, although the Samurai Spirits website does have information in English as well as Japanese (the generally don’t do that for games that are Japan-only) so we’ll keep our eyes peeled for anything about the game coming out elsewhere. Either way, 2008 looks like it may see a comeback for fighters in the arcade, with the likes of Tekken 6, VF5, BasaraX and later Street Fighter 4 showing up on the market. Samurai Spirits uses the Taito Type X2 hardware, much like the latest King of Fighters title and is also in 3D as opposed to the more traditional 2D style for the series.

[Samurai Spirits Website] [Discuss on the Forum]

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