Samurai Shodown V Perfect Is Now Available For Pre-Order

arcadehero September 9, 2022 0

It’s time for some news on the next exA-Arcadia release, this one certainly coming in with the most recognizable name of all titles released so far – SNK’s Samurai Shodown, particularly the V Perfect version. We’ve spoken about this one a few times in the past so I won’t re-tread the history behind this particular version that was originally made for the Neo Geo MVS, other than to say that the new exA version is now available for pre-order in Japan (Worldwide pre-orders will be opening by tomorrow) and we have details on the new kits.  It’s also notable that Samurai Shodown is returning to arcades and not just for Japan and we have a new 1v1 fighting game to enjoy.

If you missed out on recent news detailing some of the extra additions to this version that are lacking in the 2018 console release, click here (one big change is the restoration of blood/Overkill fatalities but there’s more). Suffice it to say, people with that console port or the bootlegged version will be missing out on a bunch of changes and enhancements. There’s also this handy new trailer that shows the game in action:

Samurai Shodown V Perfect Kits

To celebrate the milestone of offering an SNK title on their platform, exA has taken the step of providing more than one option for buyers to go for – just like they’ve done on CAVE releases. This entails a Complete Limited Edition, Limited Edition, and a Standard kit.

Please note, the data below is based upon the Japan announcement and branding; Once the World region side is available, I will update the post accordingly. As it is though, they do call this Samurai Spirits Zero Special in Japan.

Complete Limited Edition: Buyers who spring for this one get everything detailed below with the Limited Edition, plus a specially decorated and signed exA board system by the artist, Shiroh Ohno. Quantities on this are limited, so once they’re gone, they’re gone; Definitely for the collector on this one. Also take note that shipping on these might take longer to fulfill than the other kits as I noticed that the pre-order for the Touhou CLE kit is still up and has not shipped out yet.

But if you want all of the collectible goodies without the system, then there’s the:

Limited Edition Software Kit: The JP kit might vary some from the world release kit but either way it will include various pieces of art (A1 poster, standard & Vewlix cab art, game instructions, etc), a blood red game cart, an exA branded Sanwa joystick/button set and one other thing I’ll detail below the image.

Samurai Shodown V Perfect KitIn previous LE kit launches, buyers could pick 1 of 3 pop standees but since this is a fighting game with a big character roster, they have made a standee for every character in the game. Buyers can still only pick one, but they can pick a character that they best think will grab attention at the location. Each of these are 180cm/70″ tall, so will stand out. Again, these have the JP version logo on them; Once the world version shows up, I’ll update the post.  Per the US announcement, 3 of the standees are too large so are unavailable outside of Japan (Kyoshiro, Yuifen and Gaoh)

Standard Edition: If you don’t want to spring for all of that, there’s the standard kit which still comes with the cart and typical art sets that come with these kits (A1 poster, moveset posters) and quantities are not so limited.

While we’ll have wait until tomorrow to know exact pricing, checking the prices on Japanese distributor sites and converting, places it in the same realm of other exA fighters (about $1500 for the standard kit; approx. $1800-1900 for LE) To update things with US pricing, which is now online (Complete Kit; LE kit; Standard kit), USD pricing is as follows: CLE – $4485; LE – $1850; SD – $1494 (plus freight on each). European customers can order their kits through Red Sun Systems.

Per the JP announcement, has intended launch/ship date of September 29th. This means it joins P-47 Aces Mk. II and Astro Ninja Man EXA which are slated to start shipping out the day prior.

What are your thoughts on this new release?


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