Raw Thrills' new coin-op title Big Buck Safari

Shaggy January 18, 2008 0

[Via Barcade.com and The Stinger Report]

We first learned about Raw Thrills’ latest game in a press release for ATEI and we now have a look at what the cabinet will look like. Labeled ‘Big Buck Safari’, this newbigbucksafari.jpg game features a very eye-catching cabinet that may very well end up on a list of cool arcade cabinets one of these days. Also with this new image we learn that it’s part of the “Big Buck” series, so we will likely see similar game play to Big Buck Hunter but in a jungle setting. Whether or not it will support online via the new Coin-Up system is a mystery although it is another thing we may be able to safely assume is part of the game since the latest version of BBH supports it. Either way if the game plays well, it could live up to BBH in popularity. More details on Big Buck Safari should surface soon, so stay tuned. (Click on the image to the right to enlarge)

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