Sea Wolf improved upon, released

Shaggy January 24, 2008 0


[Via Play Meter News]

We’ve see the videos and the pictures of Sea Wolf by Coastal Amusements and it was quite a popular game at IAAPA 2007 so all we have been waiting for is a release announcement. Well Sea Wolf is finally here and it has brought some improvements along with it. While originally it was intended as a redemption only game, the reaction they received at IAAPA led them to modify the software so that it can be used solely as a video game if the operator wishes. They also have modified the cabinet with some extra lighting on the seat, edge glow plexiglass and lighted fire buttons. Whether or not the pre-announced price of $7500 will change (we could hope that it would go lower but that isn’t likely) but it’s great to see an new company join the relatively small collective of arcade developers out there and to bring something a little different to the table on top of that.

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