Street Fighter IV "definently" coming to US arcades

Shaggy February 23, 2008 1


This is the kind of news that makes me happy. While I have speculated that SFIV would come to arcades in the US since the game was being developed by Capcom USA, it was hard to say since it’s been quite a while since Capcom released an arcade title here. Thanks to the hype that media has put behind this game (wouldn’t it be nice if they did that for all new arcade titles?) SFIV in arcades will be big and I plan on getting one for my arcade later this year. Let’s just hope that Capcom won’t be releasing the console versions a month or two after the arcade version so that operators have sufficient time to recoup the price on the game and then some.

But before we get too excited, Capcom is still trying to find a distributor for the game, which for some reason is proving a little difficult for them. I do hope that they manage to hammer that out – it would be ridiculous if it gets hung up due to distribution issues. I know that not everything os just fine when it comes to distributors but I can’t really put my finger on it as to why there are issues with certain games being distributed properly. It seems like it has to do with distributors carrying competing products and preferring some over others (although I can’t see that happening with SFIV – I’m surprised they aren’t fighting over this one). So when it comes to distribution, I still have a little bit to learn as to how it works. I guess if it doesn’t work out Capcom could sell it directly but it’s hard to imagine them undertaking that.

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