New products from Betson includes Big Buck Safari Deluxe

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New products from Betson includes Big Buck Safari Deluxe

Betson Enterprises has sent us along some information on some new products they are now carrying and bbsdxfrom the three games listed, they include Big Buck Safari Deluxe, which we saw as early as ASI last March and again at AMOA but it had been delayed several times until now. Now that BBSDlx is finally available, we’ll have to wait and see if they will use the same model for Big Buck Hunter Pro or not. The product overview also includes a couple of redemption titles known as Vegas Sensation and Intermission. While we may not give redemption a ton of love here (video will always have priority for me) it never hurts to mention games that make up an integral part of many arcades. Hit the post break for more info or discuss on the forums.

From Betson Enterprises:

Big Buck Safari Deluxe

Creating a follow-up game to the hugely successful Big Buck Hunter Pro was a challenge that Play Mechanix relished! To do this, Play Mechanix takes the players from the woods and mountains of North American to the deepest, darkest, depths of an African Safari!

Featuring 5 NEW Big Game Animals, 15 NEW breathtaking African hunting sites and 15 all NEW Bonus Rounds, Big Buck Safari offers players plenty of NEW targets to hone their sharp shooting skills. A 42” LCD, with vibrant High-Def Graphics, brings to life the thrill of this Big Game Safari Hunting adventures. Big Game hunting on the Big Screen is sure to produce Big Time Revenues!

The Big Buck Safari DX is also CoinUp Ready and available for online tournaments and game management.

CoinUp, has been successfully helping hundreds of Big Buck Hunter Pros earn approximately 27% more revenue than non-connected machines. Safari is sure to give even the most avid Buck Pro players a new and challenging experience.

Vegas Sensation

Recognizing the need to diversify and the need for a lost cost, multi-station coin-pusher, Jennison Entertainment Technologies embarked to develop a coin pusher that could do just that. The result of the design and testing has produced “Vegas Sensation”, a 6-player coin pusher.

Featuring an attractive, neon-lit rotating marquee that can be seen from anywhere in the facility, Vegas Sensation is sure to attract players. Players will quickly notice a flashing light that will rotate around the roulette playfield at each player station. The player will attempt to guide their coins around the pegs and through the green poker chip. Passing a coin through the green poker chip will stop the roulette ball on a ticket value and the player will receive that value. The roulette ball may also stop on the JACKPOT BONUS value whose value is displayed on 3 three-color dot matrix displays on the rotating marquee.

Finally, what makes this game a true coin pusher is that the coin will drop onto the pusher playfield, where the proper placement of the coin may create additional ticket rewards by coins being pushed off the coin playfield ledge and falling into the coin bin. Thus awarding the player additional tickets and adding to the replay value of this gorgeous presentation!

Vegas is the complete package – low cost, attractive presentation, high replay value and high earnings!


Hollywood Reels, Jennison Entertainment Technologies first entry into the redemption market was a tremendous success. Praised for its attractive presentation and unique game play one might think it was beginners luck.  One look at Intermission and you can see luck had nothing to do with this game. Intermission’s appeal was all by design.

The theme and game play of Intermission, takes the players into the Hollywood Reels Movie Theater and right up to the concession stand. Players will try to score their favorite movie snacks (soda, pop corn and candy bar), by rolling their coins through the revolving frames. Each “snack” has a “snack” frame and their own ticket value. Successfully getting the coin through the “snack” frame will activate that “snack” on the playfield alerting the player to try for the other “snack” frame. Upon successfully collecting all three “snacks”, the player will win the JACKPOT!

In just a short time, Jennison has carved out a nice little niche as a designer of quality, attractive and high earning redemption amusement devices.

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