Terminator Salvation Arcade coming to IAAPA next week

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We first heard about a Terminator Salvation arcade title way back at ASI in March and except for a brief view of the game on a location test in June, there has been little else to say about the game since information surrounding it has been kept under wraps. But thanks to a new press release sent out by Betson today, we have our first proper look at the game, including what should be the final cabinet design. As you can see from the picture above, they have changed the cabinet up quite a bit since the location test (which at the time was using just a Big Buck Safari Deluxe cabinet with different artwork. The size of the guns is positioning this game to compete with titles like Rambo Deluxe or Ghost Squad Deluxe  and I assume we’ll be able to find out how much the game will cost next week. Terminator_ss6

According to the press release (which is attached after the post break below) they also added a new reloading feature to the game that they are calling Clip action reload. While the press release doesn’t get into any details on how that works, it appears that you will reload by hitting the clip on the bottom of the gun. Where this will be at IAAPA next week I will be getting some more pictures, video and info on this new title, which will be appearing in arcades “soon”. As a side note, this is NOT the same game that graced the consoles earlier this year so no worries in the event that you were disappointed with that game.

UPDATE: Click here to watch a video I took of the game from the IAAPA show floor.


Terminator Salvation Soon to Appear in an Arcade Near You!

Carlstadt, NJ – November 13, 2009 – Play Mechanix devastates the video gaming world with the release of its latest arcade shooter, Terminator Salvation Arcade the latest thrill ride in the legendary Terminator Sci-Fi Franchise.

Inspired by the Halcyon Company/Warner Brothers worldwide release, Terminator Salvation Arcade captures all of the thrills and excitement of the 2009 mega-hit movie and then some. No expense was spared to design a cabinet that captures the essence that is Terminator Salvation. Adorned with glowing neon rifle holders and a life-sized replica T-600 model Terminator marquee topper with glowing red eyes, Play Mechanix has created the ultimate showcase piece. An impressive 42″ HD LCD displays in-game action cinematics of unprecedented realism. The players are thrust into the future and right on the firing line as Terminators of all kinds attempt to squash their resistance. Heavy-duty recoiling rifles, featuring a NEW “Clip” action reload feature, adds a depth of realism unparalleled in any arcade shooter. Players can add to their arsenal of weapons by securing numerous powerups including grenades, shotguns, rocket launchers and devastating miniguns. Full time 2 player play coupled with over 1 hour of cinematic gameplay spectacle maximizes high traffic, high replay and longevity in earnings. This game will surely delight arcade players and fans of all ages.


The sheer presentation value of Terminator Salvation Arcade will help assist operators to secure prime locations and premium real estate within those locations.  The traffic volume created with this exciting new shooter will promote increased earnings and extend players’ stay at the game through compelling and addictive game play. With the continued support of the Terminator franchise, this arcade shooter will be a high earner for years to come.
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Please stop by our booth at IAAPA #6432 for a close-up look of this and other product on display. If you have any questions please feel free to call us at 201-438-1300 ext. 3408 or email us at info@betson.com.

Terminator Salvation Arcade is an official licensed product. Licensed from Halcyon Games, LLC.

About Raw Thrills

Former Midway game designer Eugene Jarvis founded Raw Thrills Inc. in 2001 to create the next generation of arcade game entertainment. After creating content for IGT, Raw Thrills has gone on to design and release the best selling titles Target: Terror, The Fast and the Furious, The Fast and the Furious Super Bikes and The Fast and the Furious Drift.

About Play Mechanix

Founded in 1995 by George Petro, a former game designer at Midway Games, Play Mechanix, Inc. has become the leading designer of coin-operated video games. In just under 15 years, Play Mechanix has created over 40 titles for the Arcade, Bar and Casino industries including the best-selling video hunting series Big Buck Hunter, Deal or No Deal Arcade and I Dream of Jeanie for IGT. Play Mechanix recently released Big Buck Hunter Pro Open Season, the long awaited update for Big Buck Hunter Pro. Play Mechanix, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Raw Thrills, Inc.

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Betson offers entertainment and vending solutions for your business through our relationships with the operator community. For locations looking for a simple and profitable solution or vendors looking for equipment that fits any situation, Betson Enterprises can help you. Betson Enterprises has an industry proven reputation for quality and customer focus. For more information on Betson Enterprises, visit www.betson.com or call 1-800-524-2343.


  1. igo November 14, 2009 at 12:25 am - Reply

    Nice looking cab. I especially like the sides near the monitor.

    • arcads4ever November 15, 2009 at 12:10 am - Reply

      the cabinet makes me think of a cross between the house of the dead 4 cabinet and ghost squad guns. better final design cabinet than the prototype which I’m glad they didn’t go with. rawthrills just gets better and better latley

  2. Shaggy November 14, 2009 at 12:38 am - Reply

    One trend I like about newer arcade cabinets are the backlit plexi designs. It makes me want to get some made for older games where the marquee is in bad condition.

    Also the eyes on the Terminator marquee are backlit as well, which is a nice little touch.

  3. Zara August 20, 2010 at 6:06 pm - Reply

    Hello, I would like to know how much it would cost to buy the game and how much would it cost in £s and pence for me. My dad wants one despratly!!!!! Thanks and reply the answer.

    • Shaggy August 20, 2010 at 6:28 pm - Reply

      Do you live in the UK? If so then you’ll need to find a UK distributor, like Electrocoin or Brent Sales who can give you a quote.

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