"The Arcade 80's Trunk" brings some class to your 60-in-1 PCB

Shaggy July 12, 2010 0

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Not content with running your 60-in-1 PCB in an old cabinet you picked up off of Craigslist? Then you can shell out the cash for one of these high-quality cabinets by French luxury designers Pinel & Pinel. The 60-in-1 PCBs themselves are increasingly popular as they offer 60 emulated (albeit unlicensed) classic games on a board that goes into any JAMMA cabinet, although screen orientation might need to be adjusted. There are two cabinet versions to pick from, Classic (coming in at 11,500 Euros) and GT (13,500 Euros where you get stripes painted on the cabinet for te extra money). At the very least you get an iPod docking station built into the front of the unit, which is coupled with two 400W speakers and a 1000W subwoofer.

[More pics @ On-Mag.fr]

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