Weekend news: RoadFighters Impressions, CEC earnings report, Namco game quiz

arcadehero November 6, 2010 3

To start off our weekend, a few items to “cleanse the palette” with, especially if you are bored to death over the plethora of Microsoft Kinect coverage many game blogs are getting into right now. First, make sure you read through our exclusive look at the behind-the-scenes work on Sega’s GRID Arcade. We rarely get a glimpse into arcade game development and it’s very much worth the read. Then you can check out the following, all thanks to The Stinger Report.

Newsfeeds 952-954 via The Stinger Report

First off, someone has had a chance to play Konami’s new RoadFighters 3D in Japan and they are sharing their impression of the game, which sounds quite positive. This bodes well for 3D arcade gaming as it also shows that the technology is one way to get people to talk about arcade titles as opposed to a popular license.   They also made this video below, which shows the game in both 3D and 2D modes. They don’t show that the cabinet also has a pair of 3D glasses built into the seat for people passing by to also see the 3D effect however. The game looks pretty sharp though with a solid framerate to match.  Via AkihabaraNews.

There aren’t many store chains out there where the arcade is a big part of their business so when we get earnings reports from one of those chains, it’s worth a look. Here is the latest outlook on Chuck E. Cheese’s. Via MarketWatch.com

Taito is holding some seminars in Japan to educate entrepreneurs who may be looking into opening up or managing a Taito franchise store there. At least that’s my best educated guess thanks to the awkward translation of the announcement. Via Taito

Finally, here’s something fun, a Namco Music Quiz by BoingBoing. Can you identify all of the Namco arcade titles based upon their music alone? Via BoingBoing.net


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