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arcadehero March 2, 2011 4

As usual, I went to Amusement Expo 2011 with a camera and here are the results. I won’t claim to be a professional cameraman by any means but I hope you enjoy these anyways. I didn’t get nearly as much footage as I took at IAAPA last year as this was a small show with fewer games to focus on.  Let’s start off with the surprise game at the show (as we had no idea about it’s existence beforehand) and go from there.

All of these videos were filmed in 720P @ 60 FPS. To avoid cluttering the main page, hit the break to see all of the videos.

Frightmareland (Taito/GlobalVR)

DJ Max Technika 2 Standard Edition (PentaVision Global)

Fruit Ninja FX  (Adrenaline Amusements) – BTW these guys are looking for more developers to create content for TouchFX, just in case any of you know someone who might be looking to do a project which would work on this platform.

Friction (kit version; Friction Game Studios/Coast To Coast Entertainment)

Sega booth – Let’s Go Island, Giant Tetris, Rambo, Golden Gun, Super Monkey Ball Ticket Blitz, GRID, HUMMER MDX, Sonic & SEGA Racing All-Stars Arcade

Namco Booth – Robo Restle, Dead Heat, Deadstorm Pirates, Pac-Man Battle Royale

Raw Thrills/Betson/Konami booth – Super Cars, Super Bikes 2, Terminator Salvation, H2Overdrive, Big Buck World, DDRX2

Break Away Robot Soccer (IRRobot/Brady)

The Rolling Stones Pinball (Stern)

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  1. Crabby March 4, 2011 at 2:32 pm - Reply

    As always thank you for your in depth coverage of the show. Since I was unable to attend your videos are the next best thing.

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