The London Dungeon adding Vengeance 5D to their attractions in May

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Newsfeed 1036 via The Stinger Report

In the out-of-home entertainment world, many large locations such as FECs feature some sort of  3D/4D/5D attraction ride as a part of their entertainment offerings. Often these rides have employed the use of motion seats in a small theater setting that move to a 3D film of some sort. But lately, 5D is gaining prominence as a part of these attractions, where it turns into a large scale arcade game instead of just a ride(as a note, when they use the word ‘dimension’ they aren’t using it in a physics sense, just as a separate major feature of the experience). We’ve seen that recently with Trans-Force and Trio Tech’s XD Dark Ride or in the past with attractions like Galaxian 3. Now there will be another 5D ride out there called Vengeance and if you live in or near London you can go check it out at the London Dungeon on May 28th and beyond.

The London Dungeon is a year-round haunted house that uses the 1000+ year history of the city as a basis for it’s theme. They certainly are upping their game by adding this Vengeance ride to the mix, which in addition to a 3D film, motion seats and other 4D effects (usually wind, bubbles, fake snow, water mist spray, etc. although which of those effects will be used aren’t specified) will also include the 5D element of using light-guns where users can blast evil spirits they encounter. It’s really a nice touch for any haunted house to offer since many such places I’m familiar with don’t do anything more than have you walk through a bunch of dark halls full of cheap scares but from the looks of it, The London Dungeon offers a a more mature experience than that to begin with. I guess one question is whether Vengeance will be exclusive to LD or if it will be found elsewhere in the future.

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