Alterface’s 5Di Gamebox Attraction

arcadehero June 18, 2011 2

Anyone who has been to the IAAPA Expo every November knows that there are an awful lot of products to see and there’s no way to experience them all. This past November I recall passing by this particular attraction a few times but the lines were long and anything with a line I just kept walking by.

Alterface dropped us an e-mail today providing some more details on this particular setup of theirs called the 5Di GameBox. As per usual, the 5D label is given because this is an interactive theater – players have a game film that plays in 3D, effects such as wind, water spray and a variety of lighting effects to make up the “4th” dimension and for the 5th, they say the moving seats fill in this category although I often consider light-guns to be that part. Either way, this game also includes the light-guns which helps it stand out from a ride. They have a number of interactive films to choose from (9 are listed in the e-mail with promises of more to come, the website also shows 9 although with some variations) which are powered by popular gaming engines such as Unity and Unreal 3.

Here’s a video from Alterface:

You can see more about the 5Di at


  1. MasterFygar June 20, 2011 at 6:14 am - Reply

    I’m getting a huge Galaxian 3 feeling from this. Very cool.

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