The least joyful amusement park in the world

arcadehero November 5, 2011 0

There are great theme parks as well as some bad ones – then there is the Mangyongdae FunFair. The difference between this and an abandoned theme park is that this place occasionally serves a purpose to show off  to foreign visitors just how totally not-miserable living in North Korea happens to be – see these people we bussed in are enjoying themselves on rides that are liable to fall apart at any moment! It’s like a terror ride without any scary props.

All sarcasm aside, the site Kuriositas has a bunch of depressing pictures of the park with a few people taking in the available working rides. It doesn’t look any different from the abandoned parks we occasionally take a look at, except for the occasional ride being used.  It seems like the least risky attraction to try out is the shooting gallery where you can practice your skills at shooting up a foreign invader.   There doesn’t seem to be an arcade there, at least from these shots although if there was it would probably be about as impressive as we have seen previously, which is to say not impressive at all.

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