Namco’s Bhutto Burst for Kids In Japan

arcadehero June 29, 2012 0
Namco’s Bhutto Burst for Kids In Japan

If there is one place where card systems combined with video games works, its Japan. That would be collectible cards moreso than data cards to save game progress (the latter of which has been done in the West). A few concepts along those lines have been tested in North America but have failed (Sega Card Gen MLB 2010 was one; it was then taken over to Japan where it has been successful). I don’t think this new concept by Namco will be making its way over here any time soon but it’s still cool.

Bhutto Burst is a light-gun game designed for kids where they shoot “evil demon beasts” aka not unlike all the other monster card battling games out there. What makes it special is that you can take special cards designed for the game, dispensed from the bottom of the cabinet and insert them into one of three slots built into the top of the gun (pictured below). These cards can change the performance of the gun and allow them to use magic attacks. It’s a cool idea to change up what is normally expected in a light-gun game.

Here is a trailer for the game Namco posted to Youtube. Also the official website for the game is here.



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