Round-up from California Extreme 2012

arcadehero July 31, 2012 1
Round-up from California Extreme 2012

This past weekend, fans of arcade gaming wanted to find themselves in Santa Clara, CA for the annual California Extreme show. For those of us who couldn’t make it, here are some highlights to soothe the pain of missing out, ever so slightly.

(More pictures like the one above from the event can be found here at the KLOV Forums)

As had been teased for a while, this was the first time since the early 80s that Atari’s Missile Command 2 was setup for public play, thanks to

Here is a 15 min. walkthrough that gets a really good look at pins for about the first 8 min or so, then a great overview of the video games. There was an awesome setup there using a huge screen that I have not seen before. It is also in 1080p

Speaking of Panic Park, there was a tournament going on with the game, a video of one match is here. Here is a game I wonder if we will ever see a spiritual sequel to.

Some video of the setup period before the crowds were there.

To finalize it, here is an article by Wired showcasing some of the rarities on hand from some extremely rare pinball machines to Sega’s Time Traveler, a modified Addams Family Pinball that uses a Namco Prop Cycle bike to a Baby Pac-Man. Unfortunately they overlook Missile Command II but at least video of that was grabbed elsewhere as seen above.

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