Scene 75 Now Open In Dayton, OH

arcadehero August 12, 2012 0
Scene 75 Now Open In Dayton, OH

It’s been a little while since we reported on a new venue opening in Ohio (example 1 and example 2 from 2009) and today’s news is about a location that is a full-blown FEC instead of gameroom style arcade.

Called Scene 75, they opened up in July and have created a business that certainly lives up to the term Family Entertainment Center, offering a little something for everyone. They have three different options for dining and on the entertainment side, a veritable laundry list of entertainment options: go-karts, bounce house, mini-golf, laser tag, bumper cars, “Chaos Rooms” (movie theater style rooms setup just for huge screen gaming), mini-bowling, a Lazer Frenzy room, sand volleyball, bocce ball, fantasy sports, an X-Rider 4D motion theater by Simuline and last but not least, an arcade. They have around 60 games setup to play, a good chunk of it redemption that uses an e-Tickets paperless redemption system. As far as video-only game selection I have only found mention of Pac-Man Battle Royale at the moment – I’m sure they have more but I haven’t been able to find a full games list. Either way, they have plenty to offer and plenty to come back to and we wish them the best of luck in their business! Here is a news report about the facility right before they opened:

You can visit their website here.

Have you heard about any new locations opening up out there? Please let us know!

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