Newsbatch: SnoCross Location Test, new Wreck-It Ralph Trailer, Traffic Pong

arcadehero September 17, 2012 0
Newsbatch: SnoCross Location Test, new Wreck-It Ralph Trailer, Traffic Pong

Posts have been light lately but I will work on that as best I can – access has been limited for me for the past week so I have not been able to catch everything right on time.

We have discussed the upcoming racer that is a spirtual successor to Arctic Thunder already but if you are interested in playing it before it hits the wide market, one is on test in South Carolina (a pair of standard models). The location isn’t disclosed exactly but I am guessing it is a Dave & Busters given the size of the venue and that they are a location test. The report is that it is similar to Super Bikes 2, but with some of the differences expected from snomobiling instead of bike racing.

I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone has seen this already but just in case you haven´t, Disney has released a new trailer for Wreck-It Ralph. This is really going to be a treat for video game fans in general but especially for arcaders – even the big modern game “Hero’s Duty” is setup as a light-gun game, a 4 player one at that with control panels that at a quick glance look similar to Terminator Salvation, under a green color scheme. I wonder if something like Sugar Rush or Hero’s Duty could end up getting an actual arcade release if this movie becomes a blockbuster. It seems unlikely it will fall into John Carter territory for Disney as the appeal is extremely broad but we will have to wait and see.

Here is a tip sent to us via Eddie Lechecka of a neat idea that shows how Pong still can entain the public, 40 years later. This certainly makes waiting for the light to change much more exciting than just standing there waiting.

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