Coastal Amusements Launches Sea Wolf 55 And Temple Run For Arcades

arcadehero October 12, 2012 0
Coastal Amusements Launches Sea Wolf 55 And Temple Run For Arcades

After the AAMA Gala in August, word trickled out that a new arcade version of Sea Wolf was on its way for an October 2012 release. This is not the first in the series of remakes for Sea Wolf – There was the version in 2008 and a follow-up in 2010 called Sea Wolf: The Next Mission which added levels and more features to make it more of a complete game. The game was originally sold as a videmption game with ticket payout but they did sell it as capable as working as a video-only unit.

With 2012 in its waning months, Coastal Amusements has launched a brand new update to the series they are calling Sea Wolf 55. The cabinet has been redesigned to accommodate the larger 55″ monitor but it has some extra aesthetics over previous SW models with the flashing red lights and glowing green orbs. Among the changes they have made to the game now include a machine gun weapon to shoot down attacking planes. The control itself, a rotating periscope-like handle is the same and whether there are any other changes to it, we aren’t sure yet but this will be at IAAPA next month. I am going to assume for now that this will work as a video-only or ticket payout depending upon the preference of the operator but if that changes I will be sure to mention that. I certainly hope that it can work as a video-only device for operators like myself and it could provide new blood for all of these classic arcades out there that could offer this as a classic style game, just with new graphics.

Along these same lines Coastal has also launched the port of the mobile game Temple Run as an arcade title. On the page describing the game at their website, it specifically mentions that the game has “Ticket redemption and high score amusement options available” which means that this could work as a video-only as well. The game is controlled via trackball and I think that the cabinet design is pretty neat, I would be curious to see how this would earn in the video-only setting (even though I’m sure most will probably use the ticket part).

As mentioned, these will both be at IAAPA next month so expect us to get some hands-on videos of these games in action. What is nice about both of these games is that neither really fits into the mold of many other modern arcade titles, i.e. they are not light-gun/racing/dancing games, giving us something a little different to offer in an arcade setting with new titles.

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