Barron Games Introduces X-Putt Nano

arcadehero November 10, 2012 0
Barron Games Introduces X-Putt Nano

One of the great advantages arcades can give to a video amusement experience is the hardware angle and that is often utilized when it comes to sports games. Basketball games are the most obvious but golf tends to do well, especially in the virtual space. There are ways to integrate some level of more realistic golf into arcades and one example in the past has been ideas like Putt Championship Golf or X-Putt.

In regards to the X-Putt in particular manufacturer Barron Games has a little surprise in that regard, a new game called the X-Putt Nano. For a refresher, Barron Games has developed a number of products that generally fit into air hockey, kiddie rides and redemption. The X-Putt Nano however will work well for arcades and other locations that could use a small footprint game that has a level of “mixed reality” type game. As this just popped up on Barron Games’ Facebook page, this will be at IAAPA as well so later next week when I am there I’ll check it out.


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