MoCap Games’ Sci Shooter As Seen At EAG 2013

arcadehero January 28, 2013 1
MoCap Games’ Sci Shooter As Seen At EAG 2013

I know many of you are waiting for more information on what was at EAG 2013 last week but hang tight, we will have plenty to share this week.

One game that appeared at the expo was something we first saw back in May and June of last year. It was first unveiled at a trade show in Hong Kong, at the time called Sci-Shoota. Now labeled as Sci Shooter 4D Virtual Reality, a new cabinet setup was available for play at EAG and Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report who sent us the link likewise got some time on the unit, as you can see below. This allows first person VR gaming where apparently the VR headset includes stereoscopic 3D as well. This is a unit that requires an attendant to fit the harness onto the person, so no jump on and play like a typical arcade game but it still was designed for out-of-home entertainment and thanks to a much smaller VR headset than what we saw in the 90s, perhaps this is the way for it to finally work out as the VR concept was originally planned. Sci Shooter will start seeing full installations go out in March.




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