JAEPO 2013: Mario Kart Arcade DX, Namco Booth, Konami Booth + Project Diva Arcade US Test

arcadehero February 15, 2013 4

Another day of JAEPO 2013 is underway in Japan and with that more updates to discuss. If you missed it, also check out Videos from JAEPO 2013 as well as our first post with some pics.

Just as this was being posted we received word that a Sega music game by the name of Project Diva Arcade is now testing at the Round 1 USA location in Puente Hills, CA. This is one game that never seemed like it would make its way to the US but never say never. until now it had exclusively been kept in Eastern territories so this is very interesting news. The game was just setup today and will be testing through March 18th. More details @ Mikufan.com Thanks to John Chiok for the tip!

I’m surprised that this wasn’t showing up from the day 1 coverage but here is a look at Namco’s massive booth featuring Mario Kart Arcade GP DX, in addition to a few other games. This image via Dengeki Online.


4Gamer.net has an extensive play report about MKAGPDX. They spend most of the time discussing the new team mode, although you have to use a little imagination with the translation. No indication that I caught about whether 1st place gets a free race but it will include a feature found on a lot of arcade racers these days, namely the auto-gas that kicks in if the pedal isn’t pushed down after three seconds. Also according to a report on the game by Game Watch, camera functions have been enhanced to make it easier to use.


Speaking of racing games, the Game Watch report also shows a picture of Dead Heat Riders although that was sectioned off from any play. Perhaps Namco is just wanting this one to be more of a Western release (it was seen at the recent EAG show in London).


Here’s Namco’s newest version of their drumming game, Taiko No Tatsujin


While made for kids, we’ve discussed this new light-gun/card game for kids by Namco called Bhutto Burst. In a nutshell, the game dispenses data cards that you can insert into the light-gun itself to change abilities of the gun in the game. It can hold up to three cards. Via Famitsu


Sega didn’t just have that Code of Joker game to show off, they also had the latest version of their mecha-battle game Border Break (Am-Net)


Konami is holding their arcade cards all close to Japan these days but some can hold out hope for imports.

Here’s a closer look at the new DanceDanceRevolution by Konami, via Famitsu


Also their new FutureTomTom two player drumming game (Via Game Watch)


A short time ago we reported that a motorcycle racing game was testing in Taiwan by the name of Fast Beat Battle Rider. Turns out it’s already looking to hit international markets such as Japan so perhaps a Western release is in the cards. Via Famitsu


One of many pictures showing good attendance (AM-Net)



  1. Arcades4ever February 16, 2013 at 10:54 am - Reply

    I wish Japan was more like Taiwan in that they are desperate to push their games out to the rest of the world. I’d love to play all those games apart from mariokart as I’m sure that will end up coming out west.

    I’m really surprised that bored breaker hasn’t been released worldwide as it looks a lot of fun and especially for the FPS fanboys as they are really popular where we are and it would certainly bring in some new light to western arcades.

    Did they say why dead heat riders had been sectioned off? Surely a game like that would do especially well in Japan particularly being able to race real people’s AI cars which I find a lot of fun and challenging too, I even have 2 profiles so I can play with myself 😀

    • arcadehero February 16, 2013 at 5:32 pm - Reply

      No indication as to why, could be that they are just showing investors that “hey, here’s something we’re doing overseas”. Namco did have Maximum Heat (3D version of Dead Heat) in Japan, but perhaps it didn’t do so well compared to WMMT4, who knows.

      Yeah I think that BB could work, it would likely need some tweaking but I think the basic concept would be workable for Western arcades. Then again, seeing how casual they made Dream Raiders, looks like Sega is currently going in the opposite direction for the West.

      • editor February 17, 2013 at 6:20 am - Reply

        It has been explained to me that the Western amusement business model is so broken that it is impossible for Japanese corporations to consider selling Japanese based titles in the market – a reason why Konami and Taito have pulled out, and SEGA and Namco only release ‘special’ titles in this market.

        The networked ‘satellite’ titles are such products that can not be released in this market – needing active server support. There is also an issue of distributor involvement in the West rather than direct sale that impedes Japanese involvement.

        It is beginning to look like the very structure of the Western amusement business is denying us the very games that could drive new interest from the players – if true then there are some serious questions to be answered by a trade that claims to have our interests at heart!

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