Expos This Week: Amusement Expo and Midwest Gaming Classic 2013

arcadehero March 18, 2013 0
Expos This Week: Amusement Expo and Midwest Gaming Classic 2013

Well Spring is finally here this after what seemed like an eternal Winter but so are some arcade events that take advantage of the season change.

The first show to start is the Amusement Expo, which in the past may have been known by other names like the AMOA or AAMA Expo. With those combined into one, that show technically starts today with seminars and such in Las Vegas. The trade show itself to show off product does not start until Wednesday however. Wednesday is always a short day too so if you plan on going, don’t go in the morning as it will be time wasted. Personally I am going on Thursday and Friday so I will be sure to upload everything relevant to AH around that time as internet permits. For video games that will be there, I’m sure of a few things: Cars Arcade, Dark Escape 4D, Dream Raiders, After Dark and The Swarm. What else might be in store for video, we’ll just have to wait and see if there are any surprises. This also coincides with the International Pizza Expo (which is fun to visit if you get the chance – see all the latest ideas for pizza and eat some of them) and the Nightclub and Bar Show. Arcades do play a small role in these other two as well so it makes sense for them to be taking place all about the same time.


For the next one, is a popular event held on an annual basis, the Midwest Gaming Classic. This is once again at the Sheraton Milwaukee Brookfield Hotel in Wisconsin (where I am sure they are extra eager for Spring to kick in). This event gives tons of love to the classic side of gaming but doesn’t shy away from the new stuff either. In fact this year the arcade hall (which will have between 250-300 games) is sponsored by Jersey Jack Pinball, so among those games they definitely will have Wizard of Oz Pinball. There are two rooms dedicated to specific arcades, with a Star Worlds Arcade and Galloping Ghost Arcade room. I also hear that there is a good chance that Galloping Ghost will be showing off the latest build of their arcade fighter game, Dark Presence. There will be consoles and plenty of tournaments to participate in so if you have a chance, don’t miss out on it.



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