Raw Thrills Launches the Big Buck HD Summer Training Tour

arcadehero June 20, 2013 1

For regular players of Raw Thrills/Play Mechanix‘s Big Buck HD, hearing of a tournament to play on the machine is nothing new. But with a new “Summer Training Tour” promotion that begins tomorrow and runs until July 21st, it will be a little different than the standard monthly competitions. Info:

Each year, we hold live events in select cities.  This year we want to open it up Nationally and let the players choose where we end up… The qualifying tournament will count all games played on that machine and will keep track of that for the duration of the tournament.  As more games get played, the score for the bar [or other location] gets higher (it’s basically a cumulative plays tournament and everyone at the bar is on the same team, so the more people play, the higher they will rank).  There will be a leaderboard that ranks all of the bars involved. At the end of the tournament, the bar with the most plays will win a Big Buck Party.

So in other words, its a huge tournament that is pitting bar/arcade/venue against each other. In a friendly way of course. As for the parties:

These parties consist of a one night tournament with prizes, a Beat the Champ tournament with a Big Buck World Champion on hand, Big Buck Girls, Big Buck Gear raffles, and more.  The parties are a ton of fun and we know there are many players around the country that will try very hard to get one at their bar.  That means during the qualifying round they’ll be playing a lot of games.  The live event will be held in August, most likely Aug. 22nd (but date is TBD).

There are three specific locations in Houston, New York and San Fransisco that have separate live events going on so they will be excluded but otherwise it looks like its wide open. The release mentions that “only street location will be involved” so it also sounds like this has been designed to help out the small locations in the wild. They actually just started doing something like that called “Bar of the Month” (in case you’re wondering why they keep saying bar instead of arcade, bars host Big Buck games in higher numbers than arcades although I’m not sure of what the exact percentage breakdown is).

A website has been setup to track location standings and other data, which you can visit here and here’s the promo poster sites can use:



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    heh sutch a coolio idea 🙂

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