Sega Shows Off First Footage of Transformers: Human Alliance Arcade

arcadehero October 10, 2013 2
Sega Shows Off First Footage of Transformers: Human Alliance Arcade

Well the wait is over, here is the first footage of Sega’s Ringedge 2 powered Transformers: Human Alliance arcade game. This is the England stage, which was selected by fans on Facebook by a huge majority (the other option was Africa, which would have had to get many more shares to be the chosen one). It certainly looks like a big improvement over Operation G.H.O.S.T. in the graphics department (higher resolution, more geometric details, the color choices seem deeper and the textures are cleaner) and there is some serious bass in the sound department.  It has a bit of Engrish-ish voice acting, similar in style to various Sega co-op shooters of the past. They didn’t get the actors from the Transformers movies to voice the humans but I doubt the expense of that was needed anyways. There are different rankings one can earn depending upon how they react to certain situations, which is similar to some of the scoring done in the “Let’s Go” games. There also is a mechanism for a charged blast, so the Transformer you team up with isn’t entirely a computer controlled mechanism. As previously mentioned on AH, it is a mounted light-gun game, using a similar gun design as Let’s Go Island but with chrome plating.

Also as mentioned in a previous post, I discovered that this is being directed by Mr. Oga-Shi who also directed other light gun titles for Sega such as Gunblade, Lost World and the Let’s Go Jungle/Island games. I also have been hearing through the grapevine that the game is testing extremely well this could certainly be Sega’s answer to the other robot blasting game on the market (Raw Thrills’ Terminator Salvation) that they have been looking for.

This game will be at IAAPA 2013 next month in Orlando, FL where we will have a hands-on report to share from there. That also is the scheduled release time so arcades looking to add a new title to their line-up should be able to have it in time for the Christmas shopping rush.


  1. 60Hz October 10, 2013 at 11:26 pm - Reply

    looks great! way better than the source material too…

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