IAAPA 2013 Photo Mega Post #1 (New Arcade Games For The West)

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There is always a lot to see at any IAAPA trade show – we often will cover the coin-op space plus some items from the simulator side of the business but even then there is a lot that isn’t covered since this show spreads to roller coasters, water parks, theme parks, nightclubs and other out-of-home attractions. Today we have a massive spread of pictures thanks to The Stinger Report. The pictures have been sent without commentary so that is added by myself. There are many more that I just did not have time to get to today so I will run with this for the moment and follow-up with more later.

All of these games are being made available to Western territories. Once again, if you want to see if there are any arcades near you that may pick up one of the many games found at the show, I’d suggest Aurcade.com, ArcadeFly.com, Arcade Locations  or Gamer Spots.


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Adrenaline AmusementsIAAPA 2013 marks the largest number of new products I have seen launch from this company since they got started a few years ago with a single game (Kaboom) that was shown at a GlobalVR booth.

Jetpack Joyride Arcade – This is apparently the biggest crowd pleaser at the Adrenaline booth. Take the Jetpack Joyride game that is known through tablet/mobile device and put it into a huge cabinet with a flight stick control and a rumble seat.

photo 1

Skylanders Cloud Patrol – Personally I am not familiar with the Skylanders series. I have a 7 year old son but its not something he’s got into at this point. This setup uses Adrenaline’s TouchFX platform which is a 46″ multi-input 1080p screen platform.



Fruit Ninja FX 2 – Fruit Ninja FX was Adrenaline’s first breakout hit so no big surprise that they are following up on it although we had no idea in advance this would be there.


Andamiro – While there was no new Pump It Up to be found, Andamiro did have a variation on their Hit The Beat game now with a Spongbob Squarepants theme.


Coastal Amusements – Having previously released video games with ticket options like Sea Wolf and Temple Run, this year Coastal was showcasing the mobile game turned arcade Rail Rush


GlobalVR – They combined forces with another booth (Nickels & Dimes Inc / Tilt) to show The Swarm. Also at that booth was a light-gun game by the name of Swamp Attack although that is not a GlobalVR game but a Chinese import that Tilt was selling. The latter looks similar to a gun game that we saw at IAAPA a few years ago that was at the UNIS booth but it never was released. either way it follows the pattern of a Chinese light-gun game so we’ll assume that it is from one of those no-name factories there.



GVR also was handing out flyers for their upcoming Redline Rampage which will be at the Amusement Expo in Las Vegas this coming March. One flyer shows some extra details – I am a little surprised by the option to remove guns from the cars; we’ll have to see how a vehicular combat game without those is supposed to work. The cabinet is slightly different that the GVR racing games of the past, looks like they are going without monitor bezels and the deluxe cabinet appears to have two screens although that could just be to show off and not necessarily the final design.



InJoy Motion – InJoy’s presence covered both their own booth and that of Barron Games. IAAPA marks the launch of their showcase tank game, Allied Tank Attack. First pic shows the linked single player models and the second is the dual player. This uses the Air technology which are air bladders for the motion instead of electric motors.



Also representing the Air technology cabinets, titles like Power Boat, Street Racing Stars and Dido Kart.


The company also had their “4D Theater” arcade titles there which covered Top Gunner 4D and Project X-Pher 4D


LAI Games – This company has had many successful redemption products on the market in recent years (most well known I would say is the Stacker merchandizer games) and they are starting to phase out a lot of those titles as they introduce some new ones. They are dabbling more in videmption type games.

Pinata – interesting videmption game where you hit the drum to break open the virtual pinata to win real candy.


Ghost Town – This was released at IAAPA last year but still ready for action once again


Sealy – As we found out prior to the show, Chinese manufacturer Sealy had their new booth game The Flashlight of Evil. This has a 3D screen and unique flashlight controllers.



Sealy’s kids racing game Toy Speed.


Along with their dual motorbike racing game, Crazy Motor.

crazy motor

Universal Space – Also a growing manufacturer of both redemption and video games, UNIS as they are often called, had another large booth setup this year with several new games to check out and play, along with a few surprises. They have some batches of pictures up on their Facebook page that they shared with us. Batch #1 / Batch #2

Crazy Speed 2 – A new sequel to UNIS’ Crazy Speed, aside from the larger screen and new cabinet, not sure what extra features this has added. It is a surprise since there was no indication that was going to be there


Congo Bongo – Not the same as Sega’s Congo Bongo from the early 80s, this is a unique driving videmption game that involves bongo controllers. No steering wheel or foot pedals just bongos.



Frost Island – Generally speaking, games that have used water guns as an alternative to light-guns have been used in mini-game redemption titles but UNIS’ Frost Island looks like it is trying the concept with something more along the lines of a standard light-gun shooter.


Showing off the selection of games available in the Xtreme 47″ cabinet (Fruit Mania, Ring Em, Toss Up, Cast Off)


Pirates Hook – While not exactly a never-before-seen game, this new 4 player model is brand new on the market, made to capitalize on the success the 2p model has found this year


Also found at the UNIS booth was Aliens Armageddon and Batman by Raw Thrills. This is because they are distributing those games into some regions although I am not exactly sure which territories at this time.



 Wahlap / IGS – Wahlap brought a new mounted light-gun game to the show called Teratoma: The Last Rebellion. Aside from the sci-fi theme its not entirely clear what this game does to set itself apart.


As reported on yesterday, the new IGS racing game Overtake made an appearance at the Wahlap booth. The company did have a couple of games at the Sega booth but I’m waiting on more info to find out what that is about first.


As stated at the end of each post, stay tuned for more!


  1. 60Hz November 21, 2013 at 12:24 am - Reply

    hmm a lot of surprises! actually curious about that sponge bob one lol

  2. Arcades4ever November 21, 2013 at 1:27 am - Reply

    That Congo bongo game is clearly based on donkey kong barrel blast released on the wii about 6 years ago but how come there is only one bongo on cabinet one and two on the one next to it?

    Ghost town games looks awsome, hope I come across this 🙂

    • arcadehero November 21, 2013 at 7:32 am - Reply

      It’s an illusion from the pic, all of the cabinets have two bongos. I had to do a double take on that too 😉

  3. jonhooper November 21, 2013 at 7:31 am - Reply

    so many awesome unique game will i get to see any of them over in the uk hm very likely 🙁 :/

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