The Arcade Opening In Brighton, MI on Dec. 28th

arcadehero December 26, 2013 0

(Thanks to DJIncompetent on Twitter for the tip!)

As the year winds down, we have a new location to talk about. Simply called The Arcade, it is opening in Brighton, Michigan (which is north a short ways from Ann Arbor). As you can see from the logo, it uses a classical font and the location will feature a large selection of classic video arcade and pinball machines. The location they have has some space to use, in fact the video games are on the second floor with the pins and a dining area below.

Among the video titles they will have on hand: Berzerk, Bosconian, Burgertime, Centipede, Crazy Climber, Demolition Derby, Donkey Kong Jr., Dragon’s Lair, Galaga, Food Fight,  GORF, Lethal Enforcers, Mario Bros. Ms. Pac-man, Pac-Man, Pleiades, Popeye, Rip Off, Spy Hunter, Stargate, Tempest, Track & Field, TRON, Vanguard,  Wizard of Wor, Zaxxon, and many more.


Among the pinball selection customers will find: AC/DC, Attack From Mars, Austin Powers,  Avengers, Batman, Black Rose, Iron Man, Junk Yard, Jurassic Park, Medieval Madness, Metallica, Monster Bash, Pirates of the Carribean Spiderman, Star Trek(Data East),  Star Wars: Episode I, The Addams Family, The Champion Pub, The Lord of the Rings, The Twilight Zone,  The Wizard of Oz, Theatre of Magic, Transformers, Tron Legacy, Whirlwind,  X-Men and also more that I can’t identify from the pictures.

Overall it looks like they have the quantity to make it work, for any of those looking for that “one game” they have many bases covered. We wish them the best of luck in the new business and if you are in the area go and give them your support!

[The Arcade Facebook Page]

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