New From Arachnid: The DiscGlo Shuffle

arcadehero January 3, 2014 0

UPDATE: I have received some of the features for this which you can see scrolling down. Online features included

We don’t really get into darts/dartboards here on AH but one manufacturer of dartboards called Arachnid has dabbled a little into the video amusement market in recent years with their Super Shuffle game. It is a virtual shuffleboard featuring a shuffleboard field, specialized pucks and a screen. Thus it allows for more variations on the shuffleboard concept, from various styles of shuffleboard to bowling. I’ve played it before and it was a unique concept, also nice in that it offered several game variations for some replay value. It also takes up a lot less space than a typical shuffleboard table, which also means less on the freight too.

Arachnid is now set to release the newest update to the concept that they are calling the DiscGlo Shuffle. According to the info I have, it’s available “the first week of January” but not sure if that means right now or the first full week of the month. Unfortunately I don’t have any details on any new software features to the game. I assume it will still have several variations of shuffleboard and the bowling game but we will have to wait and see if there will be more to it than that. I reached out to the manufacturer for more details but so far I have not heard back. If there are some significant extras I will update this post and mention it on our Facebook/Twitter. As you can see from the picture below, they are going for a ton of translucent LED lighting effects to grab the attention of new players. I imagine this will be at the Amusement Expo in Las Vegas so we can see it in action at that time.


UPDATE: Thanks to Arachnid, I just got the images below. I believe there are more bowling game variations available in this; the color changing to match the player color position is a cool idea. For commercial locations they can take advantage of some online features for leaderboards and tournament play. The flyers here are self-explanatory but I do like seeing a multi-game idea like this that isn’t relying on classic IPs to work.


DisGlo FeatureSheet


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