Video: Namco America’s IAAPA 2013 Booth Tour

arcadehero January 14, 2014 0

Just a somewhat quick post here – Bandai Namco America has just released a video to show all of their new products that were are IAAPA 2013. So this not only gives a look at the games in action but also describes some of the features of each game. There is more in this than just video arcades as it covers all of their redemption/videmption products as well. Some of those have seen some little changes from when I saw them at Amusement Expo in March of last year (Pac-Man Chomp Mania getting a few tweaks). It’s 21 min long and goes up to 720p. Likewise if you go straight to Youtube and click on the description you can jump to any particular product in the video if you didn’t want to go through the whole thing.

Towards the end they show Pac-Man’s Arcade Party which I have filmed before; I really wish they would add Ms. Pac-Man to the commercial version and maybe a few other Namco classics to help out the commercial side (the home version of the game has Ms. Pac-Man but a smaller monitor). Also they show that they are still supporting the kid card game Animal Kaiser, which uses a CRT monitor. 

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