Ultracade Counterfeit Case Comes To A Close With A Prison Sentence

arcadehero January 23, 2014 1

Mr. Foley

It’s been quite a while since this story originally broke – back in 2009 an indictment came down that David R Foley and another person had conspired to sell counterfeit game packs for the Ultracade unit. Some of the history was a bit tangled as it also involved GlobalVR, some with MAME developers. Here’s an old article from Gamasutra that dives into some of that as well.

The last time we had heard anything about the case was a year ago when Mr. Foley reached a plea deal with the State of California and news has come around that sentencing has taken place. The plea deal story mentioned that he could end up not serving any time at all or get 41 months in prison – it looks like the judge went with something in-between there, sentencing Mr. Foley to two years in Federal prison(SF Gate article) and a $5000 fine for the fraud. The story is light on further details

Mr. Foley had still been active in the amusement industry via Nanotech Entertainment, which had a small booth at the last Amusement Expo in Las Vegas, showing a pre-alpha build of a skydiving videmption game but we have not heard a thing about them since the show. They issued a press release yesterday that Howell Ivy, who worked for Sega and previously had created some games for arcade game maker Exidy, has joined their company, although the release discusses 4K display technology and doesn’t really mention whether they are focusing on arcade/amusements at the moment.

[Via SF Gate via Kotaku]

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