Amusement Expo 2013 Report #3 – Wrapping Up The Show In Pictures

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Amusement Expo 2013 Report #3 – Wrapping Up The Show In Pictures

Here’s the last report for Amusement Expo 2013. If you missed the previous reports which contained the videos, you can read them here: Report #1 / Report #2.

This report will cover everything else, in just pictures. For a few of them, there won’t be any surprises. But there are some items that were not covered in the videos or previous reports. Some pictures I took, others as marked were taken and shared by The Stinger Report.

Incredible Technologies – The brand new and now available Power Putt LIVE was there, along with IT’s other available games such as Golden Tee 2013 and Silver Strike Live.


Adrenaline Amusements – Not much change from the IAAPA show but they did have a new ticket version of Black Out, their transparent LCD touch game, in the right of the picture below.


Andamiro – Beyond another showing of various items we have seen before (the latest Pump It Up machines), Andamiro had a few new redemption games to show, including a robotic lobster game called Lobsbot where you pick up colored balls to drop into targets.




UNIS – Their booth was similar in content to what they had at IAAPA, with a couple of After Dark cabinets and the rest in redemption/videmption content like Fruit Mania Extreme.



Jersey Jack Pinball – In addition to the Wizard of Oz pinball, they also had a couple of redemption pieces there, including a videmption game called Blocky. I didn’t try this out so I can’t comment on how it plays.


GlobalVR – While nothing new from the video side, (The Swarm has been to a couple other events) GVR had a few new redemption pieces as seen in the picture below.


Sega – As mentioned in the other reports, Sega’s booth was a slightly downscaled version of their IAAPA booth although software differed on K.O. Drive and I believe Dream Raiders. The only new-new product would be the Double Spin, seen in this picture immediately below to the left of Sega’s new videmption game Pirates of Monster Island.



Nanotech – As mentioned in another post, Nanotech has reappeared with a new videmption piece called Jumper. It was a very early build and not really playable but the idea was apparent. It is kind of like a 4 player  version of Atari’s Skydiver.


Coast-To-Coast – ReRave was there again but aside from that was the cranes they produce and some redemption content like Ticket Tornado


Competing Beer Pong games – Toccata Gaming introduced the concept of a coin-op beer pong game at IAAPA and at Amusement Expo they have introduced a compact model. As it turns out, BayTek, makers of redemption games also introduced a compact beer pong game of their own. Toccata’s is called Pong 180, BayTek’s is Beer Pong Master.



Raw Thrills – Just wrapping up what they had, the racing games were the kings of the RT booth. On the other side of what is pictured here was a pair of Cars Arcade and a pair of 42″ Super Cars. Also another shot of the popular Pac-Man Ticket Mania.



In case you want something that is a motion theater but on the go, there is the Moovi 5D. I didn’t get a chance to check it out although it was on my to-do list.


This wasn’t from the show but as I was wandering aimlessly around the strip I caught something at the Riviera hotel. They changed their arcade into a “Pinball Hall of Fame”, to compete with the actual Pinball Hall of Fame that you find in Vegas.


This isn’t meant as a commentary on the show but I will end with something shown at the Nightclub and Bar show which was nearby and being held for about the same time, just like the International Pizza Expo which was next door. Overall it was an ok show, probably better if you didn’t make it to IAAPA but I think it would serve to have things like “Game History Museums” with some older fun games for people to play as an aside and hold some competition with those. Of course the focus has to be on the new stuff overall but even the GDC conference, which is not centered around arcades, had one this year as something to offer attendees. I guess if we could ever afford to do an Arcade Heroes booth, that is something we could do.




  1. editor March 27, 2013 at 8:05 pm - Reply

    I would fund a AH booth!

  2. pitzstruggle March 29, 2013 at 5:04 pm - Reply

    I saw the last pic that shows urinal games and I was like, “WTF?”

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