Quick Arcade News: Mach Storm, Super Alpine Racer & Neon FM Available Now; Twin Galaxies Under New Management

arcadehero March 31, 2014 0

I’m still working on editing videos together from Amusement Expo 2014, so that is eating up a lot of my free time. In the mean time there are a couple of things I needed to get to as they should be relatively quick.

First off I found out at the show last week that Bandai Namco Amusement America (this is their new name as of April 1st, not a joke – I think for brevity’s sake I will stick with Bandai Namco or Namco machstormwhen and where possible) released two new games for wide distribution – Mach Storm and Super Alpine Racer. I probably mentioned this already but didn’t want it to be lost in the shuffle. Super Alpine Racer seems to have undergone to most hardware changes in the short time we have known about it; Mach Storm has undergone slight changes such as the addition of a camera in the cockpit. Also unrelated to Namco but related to a new arcade release, the rhythm game Neon FM by Unit-E is also available now. The company was taking orders at Amusement Expo 2014; its good to see new blood getting into the arcade making game. Either way this means that the games could start showing up at a venue near you any time now, depending upon what kind of games the venues like to pick up. Of course if any of these are your thing, let your local site operator know and support them if they take the plunge.

[Bandai Namco Amusements America Website] [Unit-E Website]

In other news, thanks to The Stinger Report for the tip, it looks like Twin Galaxies is under new management once again. Honestly I didn’t really follow what was going on under the auspices of the previous bunch that came in after Walter Day(pictured) left, aside from the controversy that erupted over the submission charges. It seems that went over so well that it looked like TG was completely done for a while there but now Jace Hall is taking up the reins and is promising no submission charges. He has a lengthy article currently posted to the front page of the Twin Galaxies site, where twinwalterhe mentions that he is the “sole economic investor” in TG so that this should prevent whatever conflicting interests that had previously caused issues from arising again (little business tip – most business partnerships fail, something like 9 out of 10. I almost became involved in one once and it ended before the business even launched. When a lot of money is involved, things become heated very quickly when/if the visions differ).  Here’s hoping they get things worked out and back to normal in regards to score tracking once again. But as mentioned multiple times in the essay/FAQ on the main page, this is going to take a bit of time to sort out.


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