GlobalVR Announces Redline Rampage Gas Guzzlers Kit Release

arcadehero April 28, 2014 0
GlobalVR Announces Redline Rampage Gas Guzzlers Kit Release

It has been mentioned on the site here before so this is something that was expected to be showing up soon and today GlobalVR confirmed that their latest game is available now in kit form. Called Redline Rampage, it is a combat driving game based upon a European-created game called Gas Guzzlers. Where it is based upon an existing driver, they have built options into the game for both Yellow-label (with guns) and Green-label (no guns) configurations. GVR states in the email about the game that “Our release version of Redline Rampage Kits will support any GLOBAL VR driver that has an LCD.  Dedicated games and additional kit configurations will be available later this year.” I assume this means that those other kit configurations will be designed for certain non-GVR driving games, perhaps even cut down kits that would replace the CRTs with an LCD solution. 

The game has six tracks total and 8 cars total, although one of those tracks and cars are unlockable with play. They have uploaded a new video of the game in action which you can watch right here.

I have moved this up from Coming Soon to Already Released on the launch title list for this year; what are you thoughts about the game from what we see here?

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