ABC News Report on The Current State of Arcades

arcadehero August 21, 2014 3
ABC News Report on The Current State of Arcades

The other day I mentioned in a post that I had been contacted by an ABC News Reporter who was researching the modern arcade industry to find out more about the current state of the arcade. That article has been published today which you can read here:

The Death And Resurgence of Arcades In America – ABC News

I was contacted by the reporter through a non-Arcade Heroes source and it was a somewhat short conversation but I did suggest she contact companies that are in the business of making new games to get a good idea of what the market is like. At first she posited it as simply looking into the “death of arcades” but I was able to get a few words in about that and what the current market is like. I am not quoted in the article which is fine, I’m glad she got a hold of some sources like Raw Thrills and YESTERCades to fill out the story and divert it away from the typical fare of death towards the reality of where it is.

Granted it would be very good for sources looking to report on this idea to get a hold of various owners and operators, manufacturers and use websites like Arcade Heroes and to see that there are more out there and some are plenty busy which goes against the normal idea of what should be happening.

The article does seem to end abruptly for some reason so I do not know if more will be added soon. There is more that could be talked about – current trends of what is popular. I did mention to her that pinball has seen a resurgence as of late to which she was surprised but I notice that info is not in the article; you also have the prize merchandizer, videmption and “attraction arcade” trends that are giving FECs a boost. Either way it is positive article so it is nice to see that come along every now and then, especially from mainstream news sources.



  1. Dave K. August 21, 2014 at 3:23 pm - Reply

    The article mentions “there’s even a trade show devoted to reinventing the classic games. ” Anyone know what this is?

    • arcadehero August 21, 2014 at 5:01 pm - Reply

      Not sure, I wonder if that is a reference to CAX, PAX or CGE

      • chaos August 22, 2014 at 10:42 pm - Reply

        I would guess California Extreme (CAX) as well since that show focuses on arcade/pinball.

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