Sega Develops A Real Sandcastle Building Arcade Game + Wonderland Wars

arcadehero September 10, 2014 1

As we head into the Fall in the Northern Hemisphere, new game concepts and ideas begin to make their way tot he newswires. Sega announced a few new concepts for the Japanese market today where we will focus on a couple of them.

First off, the most surprising one. Translating through the online translator as “EH-Snubber”, they have a new sandcastle building game for kids which looks like it would be a es03perfect fit for children’s fun/activity centers. It uses a sand that looks like a cross between clean playground sand and Play-Dough but to top it off the game projects a dynamic image on top of the sand area. Speaking of dynamic projection mapping like I mentioned in a post the other day, this actively scans what the child does with the sand and adapts to what they are building. So if they make lower elevation parts in the sand and have a bridge in-between, it fills in the lower portions with virtual fish and water and so on. It even has interactive virtual bugs which some kids would really get a kick out of. It also projects a display angled above the sand area with bright graphics. I’m sure the biggest worry is sanitization but aside from that it’s an innovative idea that they are trying out. Here’s a trailer:

Sega has also announced a release date for their new MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) arcade title, the first of its kind called Wonderland Wars. We have mentioned this on the site before and since then the game has been going through some extensive testing in Japan. Given that MOBA games are popular in the West as well, it would be interesting to see this get some proper testing here as well. It is scheduled for a release to Japanese arcades in February 2015.

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