Pinball: Videos of The Walking Dead and America’s Most Haunted

arcadehero September 24, 2014 0
Pinball: Videos of The Walking Dead and America’s Most Haunted

It is still a good time for pinball as we approach the busiest holiday season for pinballs seen in years. I got to talk a little bit about pinball at a school today as well as a part of a “career day” event where I discussed the arcade/pinball market to 3rd graders. It was fun, I hope I was able to share what they were looking for. The participation from the kids was great, the 30 min I had flew by in a flash. My son’s teacher mentioned to me that she was surprised by the amount of aspects that arcade operators/owners have to cover from technology & electronics engineering to marketing & accounting and so on.

We have some pinball news to share, both in the form of videos

The Walking Dead Pinball: Thanks to a buyer in Australia, we now have a video look at Stern Pinball’s newest title. This was recorded by Pinball H.Q. to give us our first in-motion look at the Pro version of the game. (via Arcade Hunters)

America’s Most Haunted Pinball: Previously mentioned on Arcade Heroes as a joint effort of Ben Heckendorn and the people of Spooky Pinball LLC, here is a new update from their horror themed pinball by PAPA.

In a way we have a ‘battle of the horror-themed pinball machines’ going on here, and just in time for October and Halloween. Which one is your pick?


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