The New Arcade & Pinball Games As Seen At EAS2014

arcadehero September 25, 2014 4

Among the trade shows that take place around the world, there is an IAAPA run event called EAS, which stands for the Euro Attractions Show. This year’s EAS started a couple of days ago in Amsterdam and it wraps up today. It is a runner-up to the larger IAAPA event that happens in Orlando in November. Thanks to Arcade Heroes contributor Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report and DNA Association, we have images from that event to share with you today.




IGS  – This Taiwanese arcade game developer had a strong showing with their new content, which also confirms for us their intentions on selling games like Monster Eye and Overtake in the West.







Bandai Namco – In addition to showing off Super Alpine Racer and Deadstorm Pirates Special Edition, Namco had Lost Land Adventure on hand. Apparently no hints were given as to what their new big game will be, the one that will be unveiled at the NY Comic Con in a couple of weeks.










Pinball – Only one pinball picture was included in the stack, this one showing The Walking Dead Pinball making an appearance along with Star Trek and Ironman.



Subway Surfers – Not sure which booth this was at or the manufacturer. This is based on a PC/Mobile game. Looks like a cabinet that Coastal Amusements has used in their most recent Rail Rush game and it uses a joystick. the marquee just says Subway Surfers while the title screen mentions Sydney, a little online searching and it looks like this game covers different places in the world.



At that booth was Adrenaline Amusements’ Flappy Tickets, appearing in Europe for the first time that I am aware of.



Speaking of Flappy games, Sega’s booth had Baytek’s Flappy Bird licensed arcade game, in addition to games they are currently promoting such as Plants Vs. Zombies The Last Stand and Storm Rider.





UNIS – Universal Space had a booth there but no sign of their recently unveiled Armed Resistance and Bio Outbreak games.



Saint Fun – Another Taiwanese game developer had one of their games at EAS, a racing game by the name of Fast Beat GT Loop Racer. This is another contender in the space of “battle” racers like Maximum Tune and Initial D.




Scale-1 – The first and only time we heard about the Immersive Reality developer Scale-1 was last year when they launched their Portal with a game called Robot Frag. Here is their EAS setup, which lacks projection mapped walls but the floor is mapped.






Holovis – Multiplayer light-gun dome theater with stereoscopic 3D. The particular game is a pirate themed title called The Lost Cove.





Fulldome Pro – We recently mentioned Fulldome on the blog with their massive dome screen setup, they were at EAS with something smaller that also is combined with D-Box motion seats.


Game CabIN – This is a new setup that almost looks like a dark ride kind of setup but falls more into a large attraction light-gun game.




VR at EAS – There were a few Oculus Rift/VR setups to be found on the show floor.





Kinect-like setups also showing some ideas off, like Playoke



Interactive floor displays like Connect And Play.



And finally motion simulators like Flymotion, which gives flight simulation more attention in this space dominated by racing games.





Once again, thanks to Kevin Williams for providing the media!


  1. James September 26, 2014 at 7:41 pm - Reply

    How did you guys not talk about Fishbowl Frenzy? It was the talk of the show. Everyone was talking about how sweet it looked! You can see it above in a few of the pictures.. you were right in front of it, and didn’t mention it?

    • arcadehero September 28, 2014 at 12:27 pm - Reply

      James, Sorry but I was not personally at the show – I only can talk about what I received from Kevin. Not sure why but Fishbowl Frenzy was not directly included in the pictures(I notice the banner to the side of that Subway game but without direct pictures I had no idea what to say about it). If I get some pictures or a link to it, I would be happy to find out more to discuss it.

  2. voltz15 September 28, 2014 at 11:26 pm - Reply

    Did they have any shmups or fighting games?

    • arcadehero September 29, 2014 at 7:58 pm - Reply

      I only had a few extras than these photos (pretty much repeats from another angle) and didn’t see anything along those lines :/

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