Capcom Launches New Trailers For Luigi Mansion Arcade And Cytus Omega

arcadehero June 15, 2015 4

The time is fast arriving where Japanese gamers will get their hands on a couple of new arcade titles from Capcom and as such, the marketing has begun. Capcom has been fairly dormant on the arcade scene in Japan (and practically non-existent for it else where) until this year, where aside from Street Fighter they would release maybe one low-key game a year like the Monster Hunter racing game but lately someone lit a fire under the butts of those in their arcade division – which we won’t complain about 😛


First off, the highly anticipated Luigi Mansion Arcade finally has a trailer and an update to the official site for the game. This was first mentioned this past November and is slated to release to the Japanese market in July. It made an appearance at the JAEPO 2015 trade show where Sega was showcasing it at their booth, raising questions as to whether or not Sega might carry that game in other parts of the world where Capcom has no presence (a console division does not count as the arcade business is a different beast and requires a unique division with people who are familiar with how manufacturing and distribution work in those areas). So far Sega has been very quiet about that possibility so we will keep a look-out for it. I imagine if this did well then that might lead a competitive company to develop a Ghostbusters light-gunlight-vacuum style arcade game…

Cytus Omega Arcade – Capcom also has created a page for Cytus Omega Arcade and released this weird trailer for the upcoming rhythm game – check out this post (right after Dissidia) for a refresher where the arcade cabinet and a trailer from the mobile version can be found.  This was a surprise since Capcom has another arcade rhythm game coming along by the name of CrossbeatsREV.  Chances seem slim for an official release in the US/Europe for this one but I would not be surprised to see a few imports to locations like Round1USA. Still, they have a lofty goal of getting 1 million players on board for it, which is a challenge given that most touchscreen rhythm games have experienced a difficult time reaching 100 units sold worldwide:

What are your thoughts on these games? Which one do you hope to see show up at a location near you?


  1. arcades4ever June 15, 2015 at 1:41 pm - Reply

    I really hope luigis mansion makes it way to the west just like what happened with mariokart. Torrent based guns tend to be prove popular by the likes of let’s go jungle so this should be no exception especially as the mariokart characters are popular worldwide. Sega needs to pick this up especially with the lack of games that come out each year now (no ticket redemption games don’t count)

  2. John June 16, 2015 at 10:40 am - Reply

    Uh…are you sure you’re not getting confused with regular Cytus? “Million players to one destination” is a promotional thing where a music pack gets released for free every 100000 purchases of the app (iirc), until 1000000 unlocks the full game (or storyline?).

    The 1000000 milestone was reached last month, so they recently announced an upcoming update.

    • arcadehero June 16, 2015 at 9:55 pm - Reply

      That is the trailer that was posted directly to the Cytus Arcade page that Capcom rolled out the same day as Luigi Mansion Arcade. So if there is an inconsistent or incorrect message going out, that is Capcom’s doing

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