SNK Bought By A Chinese Firm; New Football Videmption Game Testing At Dave & Busters

arcadehero August 6, 2015 0
SNK Bought By A Chinese Firm; New Football Videmption Game Testing At Dave & Busters

Got a couple of items to share this fine afternoon today.


Snk’s last arcade hurrah, KOF13. Sequelitis has its limits.

First a quick newsblast about SNK Playmore – A Chinese firm by the name of Wuhu Shunrong Sanqi Interactive Entertainment Network Technology Co Ltd has purchase a large majority stake in SNK Playmore. SNK is most famous in arcade circles for their NEO GEO MVS games but they have been mostly a non-entity on the market after the Hyper Neo Geo 64 failed to get somewhere. We’ve had some occasional SNK titles come to Japanese arcades, usually related to The King of Fighters but for the most part they’ve been trying to make things work in the home/mobile market while branching out into a few other sectors in Japan (like anime). Guess we’ll have to wait and see if the new owners would feel that getting SNK back into the arcade sector would be worth the investment, sort of like how Capcom has suddenly returned to Japanese arcades this year. Source (thanks to Michael Louie for the tip)

New Football Videmption Game at Dave & Busters (possibly Goal Zone Blitz) – Thanks to Jdevy for the tip on this one. In another recent new Dave & Busters commercial, an eagle eyed reader caught a brand new videmption piece there, based on American Football. In freezing the frame at 18sec, it looks to me like it is called “Goal Zone Blitz” although even at 720p it is a little blurry and in my art program I can’t get the top word unblurred. The game follows a game play pattern that we saw with BayTek Games’ HopStar so perhaps this is one of their new pieces. Here are some screen grabs followed by the video:




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