Arcade Status Update: Star Wars Battle Pod, GT2016, Crossy Road Arcade, Angry Birds, Pink Panther, Sonic Dash + More

arcadehero September 17, 2015 3

Where we are sitting in the middle of September, it seems time to throw out an update on the status of new arcade games on the market or coming to the market very soon. Little hype is generated by most manufacturers or distributors when these games are released so often times people just stumble across them ‘out in the wild’. So here is what I am aware of for video/video redemption games at this time:

Star Wars Battle Pod Standard Edition (Bandai Namco) – Begins shipping at the end of the month so orders are being taken now.


Golden Tee 2016 (Incredible Technologies) –  The annual installment of Golden Tee launches on September 28th so they have been taking orders for this one all month. It also has been testing at several select locations around the US.


Angry Birds Arcade (Play Mechanix / ICE) – Initially touted as being available after Labor Day, that will still be technically true but it is not available right at the moment. It will definitely be available for the holiday season, outside of Dave & Busters.


Pink Panther Jewel Heist (Play Mechanix/ICE) – As a unique game built upon an older beloved license, this game is available now. It also uses a joystick, which we don’t see often from US manufacturers anymore.


Crossy Road Arcade (Adrenaline Amusements) – Based upon the popular mobile app, this two player arcade version is shipping now. It has been simplified so you just see how far forward you can jump against your opponent.


Where’s My Crown? Scratch & Win (Adrenaline Amusements) – As far as I am aware, this is not based upon a mobile app but is a new game made for Adrenaline’s TouchFX platform.  Shipping now. (Pictured above)

Sonic Dash Extreme (Sega Amusements) – This new videmption piece is a mobile port, bringing Sonic to the big screen for arcades. I was told it would be available in October although the latest Replay Magazine states “shipping now”.


Game of Thrones Pinball (Stern) – Based on the super popular books / HBO TV series, this will be showing up at the end of September/beginning of October. They made a video of the RGB LEDS for the Premium/LE models but trying to embed it on the blog here isn’t working so here’s a link.


The Hobbit Pinball (Jersey Jack Pinball) – Also based upon a popular franchise albeit more of a book-to-movie, this game is slated to come along “this Fall”. New playfield image released today.


Alien Pinball (Heighway Pinball) – No updates on this one yet so TBA for now.

Pokken Tournament (Bandai Namco) – Dave & Busters tweeted yesterday that they will begin testing the game at their Times Square location next week. Depending on how that goes then perhaps the game will hit distribution late this year or early next.


Gridiron Blitz (Baytek) – As mentioned the other day, this is testing at Dave & Busters but no word yet on when it is going to get a full release.


DDR 2015, Disney Tsum Tsum, Tekken 7 & The Grand Master 2015 – These games were reported as testing at different points in the Summer but we have not heard anything since – excepting Disney Tsum Tsum which is making the testing rounds and is currently at the Dave & Busters in Kansas City, KS. It seems to be doing well so I wonder who might pick it up to manufacture. Keeping the fingers crossed.

Hopefully that covers everything. What are you looking forward to playing the most?


  1. UK arcades September 18, 2015 at 12:24 am - Reply

    Dam Dave and busters always get the cool stuff? :L

  2. Jdevy September 18, 2015 at 3:26 pm - Reply

    Looking forward to the Angry Birds , Gridiron Blitz, and Where’s My Crown in the Redemption side of things… for video arcade games I am looking forward to Star Wars Battle Pod standard edition and the Pokken game…

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