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We recently mentioned a new motorcycle racing game that was soon coming to the market, MotoGP by Play Mechanix and Raw Thrills. Today the company released some official announcements about it to better detail what it will offer for operators and gamers alike. Thanks to this information and media, let’s dig in.

I’ll let this first PR quote do the talking:

Raw Thrills has done it again with a highly anticipated arcade game racing into arcades near you. Start your engines because the OFFICIAL fully licensed MotoGP Arcade Game is launching at IAAPA, November 16-20th! Lean into turns on an authentic MotoGP motorcycle and take your shot at racing against famous riders like Valentino Rossi, Jorge Lorenzo and Marc Marquez. A stunning HD display, a front facing camera, and a front mounted fan lets you and your friends feel the thrill of the fastest bikes in the world. Online connectivity not only allows STAT tracking to see how you stack up against your competition, but also allows you to race other riders locally or in other locations! Try out your skills in Novice, Normal, and Pro difficulty levels while you race on 10 famous MotoGP circuits from around the world. Bikes come in one of four color schemes, purchase a four-seater to get them all! MotoGP is revving it’s engines to takeover your locations and earn you more cash than ever before!

Visit Raw Thrills at Booth #2015 and place your orders at IAAPA! Experience the ALL NEW MotoGP for yourself, ready, set, GO! ​

That is similar to some information we got on the previous flyer but with today’s information, there is a new official flyer that was sent along. It shows some of the tracks while confirming that you can expect closed circuit racing as opposed to the point A-to-B style tracks that have been featured on most Raw Thrills published racers (click on any image below to blow them up):


Here is a pair of cabinets. In addition to them building different colors for operators to choose from, the detail on the bike stands out as being beyond either of the Super Bikes games – the LEDs in the wheel make it look like the wheel spins and the control panels on each bike also appear to carry a little more detail than usual:


Here are some live shots of the machine as seen at the recent Big Buck World Championships 2015 event in Chicago, IL:




To round it up, another quote:

MotoGP was developed in house at the Play Mechanix studio. This was Play Mechanix first endeavor into the world of racing games. A totally new racing engine was created to handle the unique feel of riding in a pack at very high speed. The motorcycles are using a physics model that brings into effect all of the forces of friction, gravity and momentum normally experienced while driving a 250 horsepower two-wheeled beast. The tires spin, the suspension bounces and the riders lean and move realistically.

Not only that, but up to 8 units can link for a simultaneous race. But those units can be in different locations! All of this and the mechanical geniuses at Raw Thrills managed to create a cabinet and bike that are truly beautiful. This is one amazing package that will surely stand out in any location.
UNIS is one of the manufacturers that Raw Thrills has partnered with to make our games for the China market. UNIS has handled several Raw Thrills titles in the past, including H2Overdrive, Superbikes and Aliens.

As it mentions, the game will be a star attraction at their IAAPA booth, which is just three weeks away. So what are your thoughts on this new arcade game?

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  1. polster November 2, 2015 at 9:47 am - Reply

    Screw big buck, who wants to play MotoGP with meh???! WOOT!

  2. figment1988 November 3, 2015 at 8:03 pm - Reply

    No love for the Suzuka Circuit in this game?

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