UNIS’s Strike Pro Fishing Shipping Soon; Bandit Express Doing Well

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UNIS’s Strike Pro Fishing Shipping Soon; Bandit Express Doing Well

Chinese arcade game manufacturer Universal Space (UNIS) had a strong showing of product at last year’s IAAPA and they’ve sent along some information about a couple of those games to promote how well they are doing.

Strike Pro Fishing – Fishing games have been growing in popularity again, especially as videmption games. While most of them are overhead titles almost like you were looking down into a fish tank, this one is different in that it feels more like the fishing games from the 90s. Graphically it is superior to any modern arcade fishing game I’ve seen since most of it is in 3D. You see your character on the boat where you cast bait and reel fish in. When the bait lands it does switch to 2D game for a moment while you see which fish goes for the bait. Most of the time is spent casting and reeling though which helps it feel more like real fishing than the other games on the market. The force feedback reel controller is also a nice touch. UPDATE: I confirmed that this has an “Amusement Only” (i.e. no tickets) setting to play as a normal skill arcade game. Here is a new factory video to promote the game; you can see my video of it from IAAPA here. This begins shipping mid-March.

Bandit Express Finding Early Success – One product that you will also see on my video above is an interesting and unique game discussed last year called Bandit Express. It is a hybrid video redemption light-gun game/mechanical shooting gallery/kiddie train ride that can handle up to eight players. The press release they sent out below mentions two locations, one in Joplin, MO and the other in Costa Rica, where both operators ordered a second one within a short time of getting the game installed since the earnings were so high


Official Press Release

For immediate release:

We are excited to report that we’ve just completed an installation of our new ride – Bandit Express – at a Nickels & Dimes location in Joplin, Missouri.

The installation was completed in 2 days and the ride is operating with a card system. The ride has been noted for it’s revolutionary combination of video and mechanical gameplay.















Bandit Express quickly proved to be a hit with the center’s guests, and we are now getting earning reports that indicate the game’s popularity at the center.

Moreover, Craig Singer – the location’s owner – has already made a decision to purchase a second Bandit Express for his operations:

Bandit Express by UNIS made so much money and was so well received by the customers, both young and old, in my store, that I ordered a second unit within a week.”

  • Craig Singer

Nickels and Dimes Incorporated

Bandit Express has also impressed the guests in Honduras, where it was also installed at the Game Company entertainment center: Bandit Express has revolutionized the small train ride concept, it combines a ride with a nice shooting game for the whole family and it gives redemption tickets, all in a safe environment. From the operator perspective, there is better control since it’s activated individually for each player.  It has worked so great for at our first location in Costa Rica that we immediately ordered another one for our operation in Honduras”.

  • Leo Castellon          

The Game Company          

For more information on Bandit Express, please refer to the dedicated landing page of the game at http://universal-space.com/bandit-express/ .

For sales and pricing inquiries, please contact UNIS USA Sales Manager, Debbie Gonzalez at Debbie@universal-space.com, at +1-714-377-0508, or through Skype at speedycalifornia .



  1. Arcades4ever February 22, 2016 at 7:17 am - Reply

    Bandit express looks like a lot of fun. Can adults ride it too because I wouldn’t mind trying as guilty as I sound.

    • arcadehero February 23, 2016 at 10:09 am - Reply

      Haha, yep! At the trade shows adults were playing constantly.

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